Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most common questions about the APAC Payments Excellence Awards here.

Any business operating and/or originating from the Asia Pacific region.

Yes, entries are open to businesses, technological platforms, and solutions part of the payments value chain.

Yes, there is a USD 150 entry fee. Emerging Payments Association Asia Members are able to use a rebate code.

Yes, we accept self-nominated and third-party entries for organisations.

Easy – just select your category, then complete the online application form. You’ll get an on-screen notification and an email to confirm we’ve received your entry.

Yes, you can enter as many categories as you want. Just make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for each category before submitting.

Yes – all awards submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the APAC Awards team and judging panel will view them.

Judges are selected from a pool of experienced thought leaders in the APAC region. Each one is asked to declare any conflict of interests they may have such as former colleagues or employers so that the judging process is carried out fairly.

Sit back and wait, in the meantime we will: Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you have missed anything important, we will contact you to clarify), Send all submissions to the judging panel for scoring, Finalise the scores, Let you know if you havve been shortlisted, Announce the shortlists on the APAC website and social media channels, Announce the winners at the award ceremony

If you have made the shortlist, the APAC Award team will contact you to find out if you are attending the awards ceremony. If you are unable to make the Gala Night, we will ask you to provide us with the contact details of someone who could collect your award on your behalf if you win.

Each of the judges ranks the entries in order of preference. The winner will be the entry with the most 1st places. If these are tied then 2nd places, 3rd places etc. will be taken into account. If there is a tie then the Co-Chairs of the Judge Committee will cast their vote. If there is only one entry for a category then judges will be asked to recommend whether any award should be made or not

No, feedback is not given on submissions.

No. Being shortlisted for or winning an APAC award is not a recommendation by EPA Asia. If you or your organization is planning to engage with an award winner in any way then you should carry out the usual due diligence that would normally be required.

Please visit the website here to register and complete your entries once call for entries is open.

Entries open in mid March and Close in June, 2024.

No. Please note, that if your entry is successful, the APAC Awards team will use the supplied information during the Award Ceremony as well as on the physical award torphy.

No. APAC Awards does not refund entry fees. Please read carefully through the instructions before you enter your work.

A list of APAC Awards finalists will be announced in September 2024 on the website and via Social Media.