Best B2B Payment

PayPal Working Capital (PPWC)

Best B2B Payments Experience, The winner offers a non-bank, alternative lending product that provides simple access to business funding, allowing customers to choose the amount and repayment option to suit their business needs. There are no late fees, penalties or long forms to complete, just one upfront fixed fee. winner PayPal Working Capital (PPWC)

Payment Fraud and
Risk Excellence

Lexis Nexis Risk Solution – LexixNexis ThreatMetrix®

Payments Fraud and Risk Excellence, The winner offers an enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and authentication that is trusted by thousands of leading global brands, including financial institutions, to inform daily transaction decisions. Winner Lexis Nexis Risk Solution – LexixNexis ThreatMetrix®

Impactful Financial
Inclusion Payment Model

 Alipay+ Payment Tech

Impactful Financial Inclusion Payments Solution, The winner offers a comprehensive e-wallet toolkit for rapid app development with top-tier reliability. It provides tested payment technology and ready-to-use features, speeding up e-wallet launches, especially for newcomers in emerging markets, winner Alipay+ Payment Tech

Domestic Payment
Newcomer 2023

Dosh Digital Wallet

Domestic Payments Newcomer 2023, The winner offers a rapidly growing premier digital wallet, filling the real-time payments void in one of the APAC domestic markets. Users can instantly pay via mobile or QR code, bypassing standard bank numbers. The app includes bill-splitting, Request to Pay, and cashback rewards. winner Dosh Digital Wallet.

Best B2C Payment

Wpay – Everyday Pay from Everyday Rewards

This winner offers an integrated Digital Wallet in an Everyday Rewards App, enhancing loyalty member user experiences by integrating payment and loyalty. It offers a safer, swifter shopping experience by combining payment, gifting, loyalty, and e-receipts in a single QR scan.

Most Impactful Payment
Industry Innovation

Corlytics – Corlytics’ SaaS platform

This winner’s solution aggregates regulatory data from diverse sources into one unified platform, delivering transparency and comprehension. Data is instantaneously analyzed and augmented with insights on regulatory risks and analytics, toward its’ customers.

Innovative Al or Data
Usage in Payments

Resistant AI – Resistant AI

The winner’s AI solution efficiently protects the onboarding and transaction monitoring systems of payment services from manipulation and attack by online fraudsters and financial criminals operating at scale.

ESG Payments
Initiative Excellence

Verrency – Co2 Insight and Offset product

The winner’s CO2 Insight and Offset product measures digital purchase emissions, allowing cardholders to offset their carbon footprint. Considering that 60% of emissions arise from card-based consumer spending, this tool aids in promoting sustainable choices.

Operational Excellence &
Business Transformation

Shaype – ASL infrastructure Modernisation

The winner’s project created an independent payments infrastructure and back-office platform transforming the customers’ business model and freeing them of legacy technological debt, and significantly improved their value proposition.

Most Innovative
Merchant Services

Commonwealth Bank – CommBank Smart Health

The winner is bringing an Uber-like experience to healthcare by launching an in-app search, book, pay and claim solution for patients and healthcare providers.

Best Cross Border
Payments Solution

Wise – The Wise Platform

The winner’s international money management platform facilitates quick and cost-effective product deployment, innovation and customer retention to their customers, enabling international transactions for about 100 million users.via its’ vast partner network of more than 60 entities worldwide.

Outstanding Payment
Industry Collaboration

IDEMIA – Touch Card – an IDEMIA and Mastercard collaboration

The winner’s collaboration has successfully launched a card solution tailored for the visually impaired and has three notches to distinguish debit, credit, and prepaid cards by touch, providing a user-friendly and inclusive experience.